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  • Guangdong Zhengronghan Law Firm won many honors in 2020

    With more craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, a lawyer can get more excellent in the profession. Not only Guangdong Zhengronghan Law Firm has been deeply cultivating the original lawyer business, but also has innovated a new field of lawyer business , namely "strategic lawyer", which can break the development bottleneck of enterprise customers, and provide more in-depth and co...

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  • Social Responsibility

    Law popularization has entered the primary school classroom. Guangdong Zhengronghan Law Firm has done its part to build a legal society, so that citizens can know, understand, abide by the law from an early age, and have a sense of awe of the law. It’ll have a far-reaching impact and extraordinary significance for the establishment of a civil law legal society

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